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The National Hockey League is one of the most premiere and elite sports leagues in the world, and one of the most misunderstood. The NHL was founded in 1917 and was comprised of teams from Ontario, Quebec, the Great Lakes region, and the Northeastern United States. The league was still being established up until the year 1942, when the era of the Original Six began. This era is when the NHL first started to get recognized, and the same time that the most prestigious award in hockey, the Stanley Cup, was brought into the sport. Since forming, the league has seen 43 teams, become an Olympic sport, and has been the stage for some of the most famous moments in sports history. Some of these have been the miracle on ice, the Wayne Gretzky era, and countless others. Currently, there are 30 teams playing in the NHL, 23 located in the USA, while the other 7 are in…show more content…
And often times parents don’t want their kids to grow up to be like that so they don’t let them play the game. To somebody who is not involved with hockey, or doesn’t understand much about the game, this may be the case. But in reality hockey is a rather safe game, even at the pro level where players are getting into fights and receiving these bone-crushing hits. Youth hockey is made to be extremely safe, and the kids playing are required to wear full gear, helmets with full cages, and mouth-guards to help avoiding head injuries. There are also many changes being made to the game to help increase safety, like the rule that was put into effect in June 2011. This rule states that any check that comes in contact with the head or neck is always a major penalty, and the player who delivered the hit will be ejected from the game (Wood). This rule made checking from behind and hits to the head and neck area a major offense that can be punishable for multiple games, to try and make the game

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