Argumentative Essay On Forced Medication

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Forced medication is a very hard topic to discuss because thinking about both points of view, I see that they both make a lot of sense. On one hand we have some people that may be mentally ill and if they are not forced to take medicine they might be dangerous to other people. If a federal justice grants the government broad powers to overrule personal decisions rejecting medical treatment. It could enable local boards of education to force problem schoolchildren to take Ritalin as a condition of attending public school, or empower health officials to mandate blanket anthrax vaccinations regardless of personal objections. In even broader terms, the case could affect the right of certain religious groups to practice a reliance on prayer rather…show more content…
I do not want anyone to harm my family and if some people are medicated there is a big chance that something may happen if these are in our society incapable of thinking right. I have heard some people say that Antipsychotic medication is likely to enhance, rather than suppress, a psychotic or delusional patients ability to think and communicate and that gives me much more comfort. My opinion is very much neutral. It all depends on why the medication has to be forced. My dream it that we can all live in a happy world, where we can all be friends with everyone, without discrimination of color, religion, nationality and most importantly that we can decide what it better for us. But I know that some times that is not possible because some people do not have that ability, and sometimes their disability to think right is very dangerous in our society. I rather have criminals and mentally ill persons medicated than having to think all the time about what could happen. I know that this way I can be sure in some way that I live in a not totally but in somehow safe world. I think it is sad that government has to force people to be medicated but it is very
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