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Kelly Moran English Composition November 13, 2011 This is Bowl The Super Bowl is the grand daddy of all sport championship series. In order to determine the champion of the National Football League, all teams are given fair amounts of opportunities to keep who the champion contenders are a suspense, a secret, and worth while. But what about college football: how do we know the champions truly are the champions? In division 1A football, there is no playoff system. 119 teams in one league and only four “big” bowl games for these teams to fight over. For the past twelve years, the NCAAF has used what is known as the BCS: Bowl Championship Series. In college football, there is a series of games called bowls, and teams who win their division, whether the SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, or Pac 10, are automatically placed in one of the four BCS bowl games. A team from the automatic placement conference could win six games, win there conference against an “easy” team, and still be in the BCS, while a team from a non-automatic conference could win eleven games, loose their…show more content…
The divide comes from the fact that the BCS, a computer based system, doesn’t always get it right, and that teams should have the opportunity to settle it on the field. The problem with single elimination playoffs are that the best team doesn’t often win but more so the hottest team wins, witch devalues the regular season. BCS supporter feel with the current system every week is a playoff type atmosphere in which a lost may put a team out of the running for the national championship. Conversely the 2007 BCS National Championship game featured two 2-loss teams in LSU and OSU. A game in which, OSU was blown out for the second year in a row, forcing the debate that the BCS system didn’t do its job, which is to put the best two teams in the BCS National Championship

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