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Argumentative Essay On Abortion

  • Submitted by: kat8707
  • on February 23, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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The Disposal of an Innocent Life
Throughout centuries, abortion has been a topic of debate. Abortion is a medical procedure that exterminates an unborn child. There is nothing more precious than a human life. Abortion ends an innocent life, is unnecessarily used as a form of birth control, and has a great impact on infertile couples who would love to adopt a child.
Murder is defined as the unlawful killing with malice aforethought (Murder Definition). Human life begins at conception.   Many women do not find out that they are with child until they are four to six weeks along in the pregnancy, normally after a missed menstrual cycle. However, at the gestational age of four to six weeks, an unborn baby’s heart is already beating. A developing infant’s heart begins to beat at 18 days after conception. Additionally, by four weeks, the child’s eye, ear, and respiratory system begin to develop. Furthermore, at six weeks, this tiny human’s skeleton is complete, reflexes are present, and brain waves can be recorded (Allen 1597).   By the time a woman is twelve weeks along in her pregnancy, the unborn child can suck its thumb; has all body systems already working; weighs about one ounce; and can squint, swallow, and have spontaneous breathing movements (Allen 1597). Eighty-eight percent of abortions occur in the first twelve weeks (“Facts on Induced Abortion”). Therefore, by the time, a woman has a missed menstrual cycle her baby is already alive. Thus, abortion is murder.
Abortion is often used as a backup method of contraception. Statistically, forty-six percent of women who chose to have an abortion did not use a form of birth control during the month they conceived (“Facts on Induced Abortion”). Consequently, they choose to abort their developing child as a form of contraception. Sexually active women, who do not wish to become pregnant, should use a dependable type of contraceptive. In today’s market, women have several options for birth control;...

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