Argumentative Essay On Aboriginals

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1. Type of Essay: Satirical 2. Audience: High School Students +Adults 3. Purpose: make readers realize what we have done to Aboriginals 4. Thesis: near end, puts good effect on reader 5. Beginning: reader should think that Aboriginals should adapt to the changes. End: reader should think about what we have actually done to the aboriginals 6. Organization: Effect- cause (I talk about how Aboriginals are not co-operating with laws, etc. Then I talk about the fact that we took over their land) 7. Academic English (With the two- generation cut- off, the Aboriginals do not have a chance to survive for long) 8. Formal (Aboriginals are, to the rest of the population, a minority group residing in Canada from long ago.) 9. Tone: Satirical 10. Types of verbs used: action (As well, Aboriginals need to calm down and live peacefully)…show more content…
Their clothing is different, their Native dress and feather hat, they should dress like the rest, follow the rest. After all, they are just a minority group. The Aboriginals should not have special rights. After all, they are part of the population of Canada, and should have the same rights that the rest of the population has. Aboriginal children should not get free education. Aboriginals should adjust themselves to the current laws in Canada, and follow them. The Canadian government is acting smartly. With the two-generation cut- off, the Aboriginals do not have a chance to survive for long. In the two-generation cut-off, after two generations, the children born into their families are not considered Aboriginals anymore. In other words, the grandparents and the parents would be Aboriginals, but the children, the third generation, would not be Aboriginals ( This is the smartest and most clever way that the government has come up with to get rid of the

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