Argumentative Essay: Is America Physically Fit?

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Is America Physically Fit? The stomachs of America have, once again, made world headlines with the biggest appetites. United States ranks as the world’s heaviest, among developed nations, with an obesity rate that doubles of many European countries. Mr. and Mrs. XXXL have created a recognizable growing stir for starting the trend of sagging waistlines. In fact, they’ve undeniably made the top National Crisis List, where drug-abuse and drunk-driving are. This brings to my attention that America is not physically fit, and we as citizens must come together and stop what the doctors call an “epidemic” from reaching every far-end corner of this country. Obese and overweight. They’re two similar-sounding words, with 2 vastly-different meanings. With the terms often confused with each other, large people may be called the rather sensitive “obese”, and spark up fire. Being overweight means when your body has a bit more of body fat than is healthy, but being obese basically means your weight is made up of excessive fat. Either way, both terms have the Americans panicking with their physical fitness state. Fully two-thirds of Americans (about 67% percent) are officially overweight, according to TIME Magazine. Another 31% are…show more content…
What starts as a few extra pounds as a young child can become a fateful road to depression and regret. Obesity in childhood are 16 times more likely than normal weight or overweight teens to let that become obesity in adulthood. Reason being, Stanford University study observed, is that 1/3 of adolescent Americans do not participate in regular exercise, a serious defect if to have a healthy lifestyle. If we plan to halt the obesity and overweight cases from affecting all, we must start with the younger generation. Results all start with action, and in this situation, they begin in the center of a

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