Argumentative Essay: Do Guns Kill Children?

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Guns are Never the Culprit The Newton Elementary School massacre was the second deadliest shooting in U.S. history and one of the deadliest around the world. Adam Lanza, armed with a power rifle, killed a total of 27 people including himself; seven adults, one being his own mother, and 20 children in an act that is still not explained to this day (Press, 2012). There have been many attempts to try and explain the actions of this disturbed individual and what would drive someone to commit such a hideous act; the main reason people are citing that this happened is lack of gun control. Other murder or suicides that have taken place over the years involving guns have struck up debate over whether or not citizens should be able to own guns;…show more content…
It is said that 13-17 children are killed every day by firearms, when since 1903 the number of fatal gun accidents is at its lowest. The number of children per day is based on counting’s that include older teenagers and people in their twenties; when counting actual children (14 years and under) the daily death rate is 2.6 and for children ten and under it is 0.4 per day, far lower than children that are killed by drunk driving incidents, drowning, or many other causes (Kopel,…show more content…
On December 14, 2012 a senseless tragedy was committed by Adam Lonza in Newton, Connecticut which resulted in 6 adults and 20 children killed. Lonza who was described as a loner with a personality disorder and in desperate need of psychiatric treatment, spent most of his time alone and with his violent video games ( Surgical Neurology International ,

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