Argumentative Essay: Death Row Kills Innocent People

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Death Row Kills Innocent People To date there are more than 18,500 California citizens waiting for organ transplants (Golden State Donor Service), An estimated 300 citizens will die this year from not receiving the organs needed (Golden State Donor Service). 18,000 children will die from malnutrition today alone. 9,300 California children needing plastic surgery (Children’s Hospital.Org) and 5 million California citizens are without health insurance ( In the quarter century since California voted overwhelming to restore the death penalty, county prosecutors and juries have put more condemned murders on death row in this state than any other except Texas. Despite the public’s willingness to hand out death sentences, California is one of the more hesitant among the 38 capital punishment states to use the death penalty. California has about 20% of the nation’s total for death row inmates, but the state has accounted for only 1% of the nation’s executions—or 11 deaths—since 1978, when the death…show more content…
It is a fact that if you were receiving hormone treatments while outside the prison walls to change your gender the state of California will pay to complete your procedure if you become a warden of the state. Last year here in California there were two children born with a disorder that allowed them to have the sex organs from a male and female. The parents of these children could not receive help from the state for the costly procedures because they had private insurance, both parents worked and made over the allotted income allowed for assistance. Why are tax payers paying for the sex changes of grown adults that are sentenced to die yet are unable to help a child that was just born? One must think of other more useful distribution of this money, such as reform of our school

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