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Argumentative Essay : Cosmetic Surgery

  • Submitted by: harleymallia
  • on October 28, 2010
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Cosmetic Surgery – For or Against?

No one is completely happy with their appearance. Whether it’s their breasts, their wrinkles, their bodyweight, their butt, or even their private areas, there is always that one thing a person wants to change. While some people opt for temporary changes like make-up or push-up bras, others want the change to last. That’s where cosmetic surgeons come in.

Plastic surgery is the surgical removal or correction of physical defects. The ever-growing development of science and technology has made surgical procedures less risky and more effective. The vast array of procedures offered is increasing every year, not to mention to number of people choosing to undergo them. In a society where success is decided by how attractive one is, it is difficult to resist wanting to look perfect. If a person feels young and energetic, why should they look their age when they feel like twenty? The decision to make one’s appearance match their inside may have very positive effects.

On the other hand, whatever happened to the saying “growing old gracefully”? Society seems to have become obsessed with the fear of getting old. The message of almost every advertisement promoting beauty products claims that women are beautiful only by their looks. With the hope of changing their life if they look different, they tend to find themselves disappointed in the end. Sometimes people must change themselves but not their appearance.

Some might choose cosmetic surgery, not only for aesthetic reasons. Health plays a very important role in this. One common procedure regarding health-care is a rhinoplasty, in which a surgeon “breaks” your nose to correct the bones that interfere with breathing. Another common surgery (and one which many people take interest in) is liposuction, where fat is sucked out of your body. As we all know being overweight can lead to many problems, but then again, why shouldn’t a person change their dietary habits instead of choosing...

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