Argumentative Essay: California's Death Penalty

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Vincent Flores Phil102 Mon/Wed 11-12:20 The Death Penalty The state of California is having difficulty deciding whether or not to keep the death penalty. Currently there are 714 people on death row; yet, California has only executed 13 people since 1976.California officials cannot deliver what they are sentencing considering the number of people on death row in comparison to how many death sentences are made each year. Last year, 78 death sentences were given by California's court systems compared to the 315 that were given in 1996, Dieter explained. For instance, The Green River Killer, Gary Leon Ridgeway, was sentenced to California's death row for murdering 48 women and throwing their bodies into the Green River. The Author supports their position by stating, “What we refuse to accept is the severity of the crimes the individuals on death row have committed. They were handed capital punishment for a legitimate reason, they are a threat to society.”(Paragraph 12)…show more content…
He was wrongfully convicted when he was 16 years old and served 20 years in prison before proving his innocence. That mistake took two decades from him, but it took Carlos DeLuna's life. Proof of Carlos' innocence has only come out now, 29 years after the crime and two decades after he was executed, because of the painstaking work of professors and students at The Columbia Human Rights Law Review. Doubts always existed in Carlos' case, but it took 29 years and what some are calling the most comprehensive criminal investigation in U.S. Carlos DeLuna's case is proof that these kinds of cases are not isolated; they are the inevitable result of an imperfect system. As long as we have a death penalty, we risk executing innocent people like Carlos
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