Argumentative Essay: Assault Rifles Should Be Banned

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Isaac Asimov once said “Life is pleasant, death is peaceful, and it’s the transition that’s troublesome.” Life is a pleasant thing to live and death is a peaceful part of life to be able to go to a better place than you have ever been before. Life could be much more pleasant if certain things weren’t on this earth including assault rifles. There is absolutely no reason for any citizen of the United States to own an assault rifles excluding the armed forces. Assault rifles should be banned because there is nothing good that can happen by having one, the death rate goes up by having guns in the possessions of people, and the world is made more dangerous each and every day with guns. Assault rifles are a unique gun, but can be a very dangerous gun too. There is nothing good that can come out of having the citizens of the United States having assault rifles. People might have reasons like protection or training, but there is really no reason. There is many other safer protection devices like alarm systems that can be put in place for protecting your home and yourself. You can also train in…show more content…
The death rate of people has gone to an all time high due to no protection of the people in America by not banning guns and assault rifles. Every one out of twenty people in America will be shot at least once in their lifetime. People tend to make bad risky decisions when they have things that can do harm to others in their possession. If we limit the amount of harmful objects that people can have in their possession then the death rate of people would have a drastic drop. There is only bad things that can come out of having an assault rifle in possession, so there is no need for them in America. Guns were not created for possession of just anybody; they were created for hunters, the armed forces, and the police force. Guns were created for certain people with certain skills to use to protect

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