Argumentative Essay: Are Soldiers Still In Iraq?

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Are Soldiers still in Iraq? Yes they are! But you are probably thinking to yourself; didn’t they have a ceremony that stated the soldiers in Iraq were being brought home for Christmas in 2011? Many soldiers did leave Iraq but at least a couple of soldiers were needed to keep parts of Iraq safe and to train Iraqi soldiers. President Obama is trying to be re-elected, so he is using the accomplishment of killing Osama Bin Laden, and having all of the soldiers taken out of Iraq. If only a couple thousand soldiers are leaving Iraq at a time then they can quickly get the last 3-5 thousand soldiers that are left there back home soon. Another thing to consider would be, what if the next president wants soldiers back in Iraq or in other countries like Kuwait? There is a lot of controversy on how many soldiers are still soldiers in Iraq. A solution to this problem would be, take out all of the soldiers that are left in Iraq and let the Iraqi government solve their own problems. This issue of having weapons of mass destruction being in possession in Iraq has changed position because soldiers were used to stop the terrorists by Iraq. If the American government is unsure and thinks it is unsafe in having soldiers leaving Iraq, then they should do random immediate transports to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Israel. They should…show more content…
troop presence in the country — made clear most political leaders agree on the need for forces to stay, particularly to help defend Iraq’s borders and airspace. Shawez did not address how many trainers would be needed or for how long. In the coming weeks — just three months remain before the 43,500 troops in Iraq are required to leave on Dec. 31 — the issue will likely be the focus of extensive

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