Argumentative Essay About Thanksgiving

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Back in 1621, the Pilgrims had encountered the Native American tribes on American soil. Today, we view Thanksgiving as a day to meet with family and friends, to celebrate what we are thankful for. But the Indians and Pilgrims had discussed a much more important topic, land ownership. Since these Europeans had entered on new grounds, they demanded to own part of the "sand". They had first talked about taking land from Long Island, New York. The Indians had no choice but to grant them the land due to the Pilgrim's threats. Both sides had negotiated over the deal on a feast. In today's point of view about Thanksgiving, we think about the food, football, barbecue, all the non-important things, when we should realize the important thing is the discovery of this country. The name of the consulted Indian tribe were called the Winnebago Indians. Most of the Indians became Puritans due to the massive population out burst coming from Europe converting them. The first Thanksgiving usually was depicted with Pocahontas being there, but that is false. Pocahontas had died a couple years before the first Thanksgiving. But in 1623, William Bradford (governor) decided to make it a holiday after his name. Although, this holiday wasn't expanded into big news but when George Washington became president in 1789, he made his birthday and Thanksgiving a…show more content…
All these different foods were ate back in 1621 over the diplomatic council, so as tradition we still eat this at the dinner table today. There are so many different types of food to eat at Thanksgiving but in my opinion, the cranberry sauce is the best. Cranberry sauce is my favorite because I love cranberries and the sauce isn't just a liquid, it is the juice from the cranberries and chunks of cranberries in it. Sometimes there are additional ingredients. Even without the additional food, the sauce is amazing just the way it
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