An argumentative essay about Marine Parks

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Recently, the owners of Anya Napa Marine Park in southern Cyprus applied for a renewal of their license to operate. Their application was refused. The licensing authorities noted that the facilities had not been improved since all the performing dolphins in the park died last year. Should other marine parks that feature performing marine mammals be allowed to continue? It has been argued that such parks provide the only opportunity for the public to see these creatures. There are, however, two main reasons why we should close marine parks and stop this exploitation of marine mammals. The first main reason for closing marine parks is that people who are interested can now watch marine mammals in their natural environment. Dolphins, whales and seals can be viewed in the wild at a number of places. In fact, there are more places where they can be seen in the wild than places where they can be seen in captivity. In addition, places where there are wild marine mammals do not charge high entry fees. For example, many people now view dolphins from the cliffs and beaches of southern Cyprus, and along the coast of western Australia, swimming with friendly dolphins is becoming increasingly popular. The second important reason why marine parks should be closed is that scientific research conducted in parks is useful only for understanding captive animals and is not suitable for learning about animals in the wild. The biology of dolphins and whales changes in marine park conditions. Their diets are different, they have significantly shorter lives and they are more likely to suffer from disease. Furthermore, mammals in marine parks are trained and this means that their patterns of social behavior are also changed. Consequently, research undertaken at marine parks is generally not reliable. For instance, the research into the behavior of killer whales that was conducted by

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