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Copyright infringement and online piracy is definitely a huge problem on the internet. Whether one posts a video on YouTube with a copyrighted song or downloads the newest movies through a torrent website, people continue to infringe on the copyright holders. Is copyright infringement all necessarily bad? After all, Justin Bieber became famous and popular through a YouTube video of him singing someone else’s copyrighted music. Lately, entire countries, like Europe and the United States, have been attempting themselves to overcome copyright infringement. The United States government seems to believe that copyright infringement should be stopped at all costs, even, for example, by using a faulty, poorly written bill to cause more harm than good. In this case, the written bill is called the Stop Online Piracy Act, or better known as S.O.P.A. It was presented in the House of Representatives while its sister bill was presented in the senate (Schatz B1-B2). The internet does indeed have many problems relating to copyright, but S.O.P.A does it in a way where it could permanently damage the internet forever. In order to truly recognize what this bill can do to affect the internet, a good understanding of copyright, piracy, and how the internet uses these two is in order. According to Roman Espejo’s book, Copyright Infringement (Opposing Viewpoints), copyright is defined to be “a form of protection provided by the government to the authors of ‘original works of authorship, including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other individual works.’” (22) This means that a person is not allowed to break the rights of the copyright holder, which is normally the author of the work. Espejo also continues on to mention that just because a person has the possession of a copyrighted work, it does not mean that a person has the possession of the copyright too. (22) For

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