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Student Name: Course: Lecturer: Date of Submission: Essay Outline Introduction This part of the essay explains whether the writer supports the motion or not. It also provides a general view of the points which ought to be included in the body of the essay. The writer may include a brief explanation of his argument in this part. Thesis Statement This is a brief explanation of the reasons behind the writer’s argument. It may involve the claim of the argument and views of the writer towards the claim. Body This part contains all the main points of the argument. It contains an explanation to every reason provided either to support or object the claim of the motion. Each reason should be should be well expounded in order to convince the reader to believe the argument of the writer. Conclusion This is the last part of the essay. It contains a summary of all the points which are included in the entire essay. It may also contain a brief recommendation about the actions which the writer prefers to be taken in order to resolve the misunderstandings. In a World that Seeks Freedom of Speech, Censorship Should be abolished Introduction Censorship is a necessary tool in ensuring that proper communication channels are followed within a society. Therefore, authorities in every state should be allowed to determine the information which should be passed to the public concerning any crucial decisions they make. A society which does not practice censorship is likely to be faced by frequent conflicts between the members of the public and the authorities. This would result due to incorrect information which might be passed to the general public by unauthorized persons about crucial decisions made by the government. It may also be used as a tool for campaigning by the political elites through providing of misleading

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