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Argumentative Essay

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  • on August 14, 2013
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Teen Bullying

Down the hallway at a high school, a bunch of older teens gang up on an innocent freshman who was too small for his age, picking on him and making him feel worthless. As the freshman is finally let go from the beating hands of his bullies, he trudges home sadly. Soon, one day of being bullied turned out to be two, then three, and continued each and every day of his life, all because of his size. Soon he took matters into his own hands, ending the bullying and ending his own life. Teen bullying put this young teen and many other teens everywhere through difficult and hard times. There must be an end to all the bullying, harassing, and name-calling. Teen bullying can be prevented by informing someone about the issue, becoming more self-confident and making friends, and by also encouraging witnesses and bystanders to stop bully attacks rather than join them.
Teenage bullying can be prevented and reduced by informing someone else about the issue. If a person is found facing problems with bullying, then have him or her “talk to [his or her] parents or an adult [that he or she] can trust, such as a teacher, school counselor, or principal” (Facts for Teens: Bullying). Parents and guardians should then “listen to what the teenager says and be supportive…Encourage the teen to talk about any bullying that is occurring and tackle these issues head-on” (How to Stop Teenage Bullying). Having the courage and the initiative to inform another authority of the problem at hand shows that teenage bullying can be stopped. Encouraging bullied victim to talk to his or her parents or a reliable adult will help him or her to gain the self-confidence and strength that he or she needs to overcome teenage bullying.
Teenage bullying can be prevented and reduced by working towards being more self-confident and to make friends with other students since bullies are more likely to not bother someone when he or she is with his or her friends. This is mainly true if these...

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