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ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY - OUTLINE MODEL C Thesis Statement: Internet is a positive development for news reporting owing to its features and characteristics. BODY 1. Counter Argument 1 & Refutation Counter Argument: According to the opponents of this idea Internet is not always accesible. A. People have to pay for internet B. Some people that cannot afford internet Refutation: As a result of technological developments, internet is getting more commonplace and cheaper day by day. Source: According to the information given by Internet World Stats, approximately 33% of the world population has access to internet (IWS, 2011). A. Every news source is paid to be used such as newspaper or TV. B. Cheapness of internet among all news source BODY 2. Counter Argument 2 & Refutation Counter Argument: The opponents of this argument claim that reported news on the internet is not always reliable. A. It can be a lie or made up by somebody B. It can be provocative (bad) news such as using a heroin is helpful for human health and many others. Refutation: However, these views are not necessarily true. Source(Direct Quotation): Direct quotation: The internet is a research tool for 87% of online users. That translates to 128 million adults (Horrigan, 2006) C. One can check whether the news is true or not by visiting other WebPages of news providers. D. A little research is required to confirm those news which can be provocative Restatement of the thesis statement: In conclusion, internet has significant role in news reporting thanks to technological development. References: 1. Horrigans, J. (2006), ''The Internet as a Resource for News and Information about Science'', retrieved March 26, 2012 from

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