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Ndiwane1 Argue mentative Essay Topic:Do curfews keep Teens out of trouble? Now our days,this topic has brought somany conflicting views between parents and teachers.This is why its important that the topic be addressed with d most delicate approachable way.A curfew can be defined as an order specifying a time after wch certain regulations apply wch can be at your home,school or the civilians in certain community.Curfews are very important in teens lifes n their day to day activities wch helps keeps them out of trouble but it also has its disadvantages wch lm going to discuss in the follow paragraphs below. One of the advantages of curfews in teens lifes is that it helps keeps them focused n hve a sense of direction of where or of what they want to be in the future.For example if parents monitor or choose the kind of friends they wnt their teen child to hangout with,friends that hve positive influences on their child,hve gud morals n values,they can both benefit frm each other and also this can help keep them from bad company n from making impulsive decisions whichcan get them into trouble. Inaddition to this,it also helps them improve in their grades in school n hve excellent results.For example frm were I come frm,my parents usually give us an exact time to do our homework when we get back from school and they help us in areas were we have difficulties.That is to say its important our parents assists us in our school work and get involved in every activity we do,this would keep them focused and help them become successful people in future. Moreso,parents need to have curfews on the time their children need to be home,how much allowance they get per week and also when and what time to use the internet.With all these implemented,it would help teach their teen the importance to save money which they could use for some important needs and also keep

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