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Eng 101 Extraterrestrial Life Aliens; from past conversations with acquaintances, friends, or family, I’ve noticed that many people do not believe in extraterrestrial life. Often times it is viewed as a joke or looked at as just an old tale. People need to erase preconceived notions about alien life, stop ignoring the signs of extraterrestrial presence in our universe, and stop reassuring themselves that Earth is the only place harboring life. There is a great amount of historical evidence pointing to aliens. Water has been found in other parts of the universe other than Earth. There have even been first-hand encounters of UFOs. Also, one must be logical and take the infinite size of the universe into account: Earth is not the center of the universe, extraterrestrial life exists! First of all, what does alien mean? Adverse, hostile, strange, opposed, and not belonging to are some of the words used to define alien. Comparing extraterrestrial being to humans is no different than comparing humans to any other species on Earth. Cognitive scientist Mark Changizi explains that humans are aliens in his book, Harnessed. The fact that we can completely communicate thoughts verbally, that we have written language, that we can read and write music, and that we can create and use mathematic arithmetic is alien to all other species on Earth. Realizing this relationship may help nonbelievers or people frightened by the thought of aliens understand them more. What does everyone think of when they think of aliens? Usually big eyes, large upper head going down to a narrow chin area: your typical cartoon or sci-fi movie alien, but why? This is where I’ll begin getting into the history part. Historical art and structures show that extraterrestrial beings have come to Earth in the past. Lieutenant Grey of the Australian Army was on an expedition in the 19th century to the

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