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Liberty univerity online | A Disagreement to McCloskey’s Theist View and Why Atheism is Better | A look at why McCloskey’s proof and evidence of God’s non-existence is false from a theist view. | | Troy Shepherd | 3/1/2015 | Phil 201 McCloskey reminds atheist why theism is wrong and why atheists are correct to believe in no God or any supreme being is argued from a theist approach and understanding. | INTRODUCTION In 1968, McCloskey wrote an article which he stated was to “remind fellow atheist (McCloskey, 1968)” why atheist believe in no God and why God doesn’t exist. Did McCloskey find the need to remind other atheist why they don’t believe in a higher being such as God, was he losing other fellow atheist to the “other side” or was he simply reminding himself of why he didn’t believe? Only McCloskey knows why he wrote this article with his reasons for not believing as he did write this piece as if he had been appointed to provide why and what their foundational arguments are against theists’ beliefs in God. To say that proofs do not prove the existence of God, is not justifying the evidence. According to Foreman, we must justify the evidence, distinguish the specific actions, how these actions universal judgments concerning right or wrong, and formulate ethical views in the evidence. Just because a proof is stated doesn’t mean it’s valid. We need to investigate and see why it is valid or invalid. COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENT On the subject of cosmological proof, God is the first cause. The universe is contingent because everything with in the universe is contingent, thus making the universe in need of a first cause (Foreman, 2012). McCloskey wrote that theists do not study or think far enough ahead to realize that one must be an existing being to be a first cause. “The first, or “no cause,” is a claim that some contingent objects have

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