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The Beginning of a Literature World Does the literature and writing one learns at home take a big influence in the rest of the learning one comes across in the future? Since I can remember learning to read and write has always been an essential part of my life. Growing up in a Latin family became very difficult to me when I started school because the only learning I had was in Spanish and school was in English. The first person who introduced me to the world of literature and writing was my mother, then I was introduced to school and my first teachers, which I will never forget. These two different ways of learning how to read and write have been the most memorable and the most important in my life so far. Yes, being a bilingual person makes me very proud and has helped me in many ways in my life. Being able to speak, read, and write in Spanish makes me twice as valuable and I know it will continue to open many and more doors in my future. Although, when I was a little girl it became very difficult for me to learn and understand my second language which is English. Before I went to school my mother would have me read and write in Spanish and everyone I ever interacted with was in Spanish. Every day my mom would have me sit for an hour and she would make assignments for me to complete in Spanish and then she would sit with me and correct me and after that she would read me a book in Spanish. I still remember being so young and asking my mom "Mama, cuando vas a aprender ingles para que me ensenes a leer I a escribir en ingles?" and she would always respond "Oh hija, tienes tantos anos por delante en los cuales aprenderas a leer I escribir en ingles, ese sera el trabajo de tu maestra”. Getting that response from my mother all the time made me very irritated because I felt I wasn't a normal kid and I wanted to be like the rest of the kids who had parents who could

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