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Argument Paper Leonardo da Vinci was known as the “Renaissance Man” because of his many advancements in art, science, and engineering. He was a scientist before there was science, an inventor whose ideas exceeded the technology of his time. He was also a very famous artist who produced the most valuable and recognized painting in the world; the Mona Lisa. He was mainly known for his distinct artwork, which many experts believed was centuries ahead of his time. The works he produced during his life time were second-to-none, and he was widely known during the Renaissance as a man of influential change and positive development in art and science. We believe that da Vinci should have a place in this exhibit because of his many talents, distinct artwork, scientific models, and his positive impact he himself had on the Renaissance period. Leonardo da Vinci had many talents. He was an artist, scientist, engineer, sculptor, and architect. Leonardo became a master in more fields of study that anyone before his time. Most geniuses such as Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare or Alfred Hitchcock were masters in just a single field. This was not the case with young Leonardo. The numerous skills da Vinci acquired over his time have earned him the title of a Renaissance master, and of having one of the greatest minds of all time. Any subject or problem toward which he directed his vast curiosity, artistic talent, and keen scientific mind he would improve upon. Leonardo was a man generations ahead of his time and he really set himself apart from the rest with his wide range of knowledge and insatiable curiosity and fierce determination. His fascination of science and in-depth study of antimony helped him master the realist art form that nobody during his time had ever seen. Leonardo was the first artist to attain complete mastery over all branches of art which he used

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