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Argument of Euthanasia For years, doctors have been banned from assisting patients in taking their own lives. Dr. Jack Kevorkian was known for assisting in several suicides to dying patients. He was sentenced to over 60 years, despite the gratitude of the patients and their families. Recent laws in Oregon and the U.K. have started a trend of legalization. Euthanasia comes from the Greek language meaning, “good death“. Another word for euthanasia is “mercy killing” or the end of an ill person’s life in a painless way (Overview/Background). There are many reasons why euthanasia should be legal, some of which include, respecting people’s wishes, letting people end their life amongst loved ones, and it is financially cheaper than prolonging life. We as humans should respect others who feel their time is up. If a person feels his life is not worth living anymore and has thought carefully about ending his life, then we should respect this decision. People need to make decisions in their life according to their own conceptions, beliefs, and feelings about where they want their lives to go. People take responsibility for their own lives, and since dying is a part of life, the choices people make about ending their life should be part of these responsibilities. Most people are concerned at some time in their life about how their life will end. If someone plans the way they will die and they are comfortable with it then they should be allowed to do so. Laws that permit physicians to prescribe or administer life-ending drugs require a government process for granting that permission (Two Approaches to Right-to-Die-Laws). With this, not just any doctor can handle these certain drugs but, with time professional doctors, with the ability to do so, can receive what is necessary to end one’s life peacefully, when needed (Two Approaches to Right-to-Die-Laws). As said in

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