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Participating in team sports helps to develop good character. In my argument I am stating whether participating in team sports helps develop good character. Good character is things such as responsibility, respect, courage, power, will, love ect. This paper will help me give my argument on how I think that participating in team sports does help build good character. My claim on this is that participating in team sports through childhood and throughout life builds a lot of character in people. I have details and reasons to help me explain my claim. My claim, participating in team sports help develop good character is true because of the people on your team, and the coaches that you have to help you get through it. It builds trust because you have to trust and believe in your teammates that you know what to do and they are behind you even when you’re down. It builds courage because when you know you’re the underdog you still have the fight inside to go out there and give it your all which the coach helps you with this. Sports teach you a lot about life they are just not games. I’ve had experience with this in my life my grandfather and my dad have taught me a lot about sports but just being on the team is a completely different feeling. It has components that teach you things you wouldn’t think it could. I learned how to throw a ball, shoot a ball, and kick a ball most people think that this is all you do how could something like this teach you and build good character in your life. These are the people who were never into sports and didn’t play them in their life. The most important thing of a team is trust, and teamwork which I feel I get when I am on a team and play together through the good parts and the bad. Mostly everything I know about character was built in my life growing up playing sports. It is a wonderful thing how something like this can help you

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