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Stephanie Alfred University Of Phoenix MGT: 521 QUINTELLA BASKERVILLE July 10, 2011 Everyone wants to have better career growth and for this, proper decision making is very important. The decision making should be about the courses, one wants to pursue for his successful career. In current scenario, there are myriad of avenues for an individual to choose as better career option. Most of these avenues ensure good career expansion in the future, but few among them do not. It all depends on the scope of the course, we are choosing to pursue. Every course regardless of its field has some or the other future prospects, but the extent and time may differ. After completion of my graduation from University of Phoenix, I was in dilemma to go which way, which course can ensure me a good career growth? So I called they University of Phoenix to started searching out for different courses that can go for higher studies. After a lot of research and consultation, so I decided to obtain a Masters in Business Administration. MBA is a program, which draws students from different academic backgrounds and gives exposure to them regarding different facets of business such as marketing, finance, operations and human resources. MBA makes a candidate ready to face all the challenges of business. I think MBA is a degree, which can assure good career growth even to a simple graduate (Master of Business Administration- MBA) MBA is a degree or program, where you not only learn from the faculty, but also from your colleagues, who come from diverse academic background. It makes an individual aware of all the fields that are needed in a business process. A person holding an MBA degree is capable of doing everything, which is beyond the reach of a normal graduate. This program makes a person fully trained to tackle all kinds of situation that can

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