Argument For The Legalization Of Marijuana

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A common argument in today's society is should marijuana be legal? Marijuana has been a controversy for several centuries. Different views about marijuana exist among the American people. Before, answering think about the following questions. Does marijuana cause health risks? What is prohibition? Does it work? Should marijuana have a legal attachment? A legal attachment is a relation to the law or to the court of law. After considering the history, health risks, uses, and prohibition, marijuana should have no legal attachment. The History on Marijuana Individuals must understand the laws behind marijuana before making a dispute. The laws behind marijuana show significant undecided evidence. Marijuana is the most durable, soft fiber on this planet known as hemp, and cannabis. "The first law on marijuana established in 1619, enacted in Jamestown Colony Virginia. The law ordered farmers to grow hemp (Scorgie, 2008.)" President Benjamin Franklin used hemp to start the world's first paper mill. Today in which makes the US dollar bill. Soon the government…show more content…
"Prohibition is the forbidding or condemnation of something (Oxford, 2009.)" The actual question is does prohibition work. Consider the following; did the very first prohibition work? The first story relates to the Bible. "Though shall not take from the fruit of the tree." God forbid Adam to eat the fruit. Did it stop him? No! By forbidding him from the fruit, Adam wanted the fruit more. The second prohibition based on alcohol. In the thirties alcohol was ban from sell and distribution. The people protested by the use of the black market. Underground sales of alcohol and crime arose. Despite the prohibition, individuals were making stills to produce alcohol. Prohibition again did not stop the people. Prohibition caused individuals to disregard laws and law enforcement. In which worsened crime. Today alcohol is legal, taxed and sold across the

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