Argument For Homosexual Marriage In Australia Essay

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Recently, there has been much pressure placed upon our government to change its stance on homosexual marriage in Australia. It is estimated that 1.6% of adult men identified as homosexual and 0.8% of women as lesbian. With such a large portion of our own population regarding themselves as homosexual, change must occur under our legal system to allow for the interests of this public minority. The Australian Marriage Act 1961 defines marriage as: “the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life”. Many Australians have been campaigning for this definition to be changed to include the union of a man and a man, and the union of a woman and a woman. Currently, a homosexual couple living together receive no relationship benefits or entitlements because legally, they are not considered to be in a relationship at all. This is both unfair and unjust to those who choose to live a homosexual lifestyle. They cannot enter into De Facto relationships and this can be quite challenging when relationship details are needed for legal or medical purposes. A marriage certificate also allows married partners to easily prove their legal rights if challenged, for example in emergency situations. The capacity to quickly and easily prove one’s relationship status is particularly important for same-sex partners because prejudice against same-sex relationships can mean legal rights are denied. According to research done by Lee Badgett of the University of Massachusetts, in two different places that have allowed same-sex marriages for several years, the Netherlands and Massachusetts, Badgett found that same-sex partners overwhelmingly: • felt marriage had increased their commitment and their sense of responsibility, and had generally strengthened their relationships • believed their children were better off after their marriage, chiefly

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