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Argument Essay Is it better watching movies at home or is it better watching movies at the movie theaters? My opinion is that watching movies at home is way better than watching them at the movie theaters. Why? Because you save money and you can watch it whenever, wherever, and at your own pace. After reading this essay, it will make the reader consider that watching movies at home is a way better deal than watching movies at the theaters. Based on a conducted survey by phone, randomly selected of 2,250 adults in 2006, said that the place that they would rather watch movies is under their own roof. (Pew Research Center). Ever since Blockbuster opened its stores in the late 1980’s, more and more Americans have been staying at home then going to the movie theaters. The survey also finds that more than seven-in-ten adults (71%) watch at least one movie a week, but the great bulk of this viewing occurs at home rather than in a theater. So let’s say that renting movies is $4.00 each and watching one movie at the theaters is $10.00. If you go to the movie theaters twice a month, in one year which adds up to 24 times, the total money you spend is $240.00. Now, if you rent one movie every two times a month, in a year, that adds up to $96.00! The total money you save in a year is $144.00! That means that you can either go watch 14 more movies at the movie theater, or you can watch 36 more movies in your own house. Let’s not forget that with $144.00 you can also buy your own movies; so if movies cost $20.00, you can buy about 7 movies and can watch them over and over again. The numbers have given you the results, now you decide. Watching movies at the movie theaters is fun and exciting because of the amazing surround sound and the huge screen, but what happens if you’re running late, or you get an emergency call and have to leave the theaters? You have just wasted

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