Argument Against Soda Ban

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Eleazar Almazo October 2-10, 2012 Hunter Writing Soda Ban: Against The NYC government should not ban drinks larger than 16 ounces. For example, Arizona would be banned. Mayor Bloomberg stated you can buy the little soda drinks that when you add the calories, they equal the same as the big sodas. Even though I oppose to Mayor Bloomberg’s action, I get what they are saying. It higher the sugar which increases fat but it makes no sense buying 2 or 3 little bottles that can equal the same amount as the big cans. According to “The New York Post,” people are losing weight, like 45 year old Rachelle Conley who lost 91 pounds from her 279 total pounds in 3 years. In other words, some people like drinking soda. Some…show more content…
Bloomberg proposed the ban on July 24 and the ban was confirmed on July 24, and banned sodas because it would have no effect on his daily life. Just because Bloomberg doesn’t drink soda doesn’t mean he has to ban it. Mayor Bloomberg said, “All we’re doing is educating.” If we want t live fat, let us. It’s our right to drink and be fat. It’s not “Nanny Bloomberg’s” decision. Why should we agree to these things! Is nanny Bloomberg trying to make us “fat free?” How many people do you see drinking soda, are fat/chubby? These people got fat because they want to. It’s their live and they live it the way they want. Soda is one of America’s most chosen drinks and they are trying to ban it. What good does it do? People are just going to buy some little sodas that will equal the same amount. Almost 60% of the Bronx doesn’t like the proposal so why ban it? In conclusion, if they are banning sodas then why ban it so late? Sodas, especially cokes, have been around for 126 years and now they ban it. The first coke sales were in Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 8, 1886. It was sold as a “medicine” for 5 cents. Ever since 1886 the coke company made sodas some people don’t even know exist and now is when they make the decision to ban it. Maybe even Mayor Bloomberg didn’t even know some of these sodas existed. Some of these sodas were made before he was even
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