The Argument About Clone

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The Argument about Clone Clone as a really important technology is still a very hot topic today which can set off an animated discussion. Clone brings us a lot of surprising achievements, meanwhile it also lead to a big argument between science and ethic. Dolly the sheep, the world's first cloned mammal, is a successful example of clone. After that, the technology has greatly developed and successful examples occurred commonly. Clone’s contributions to human beings also incarnated in other aspects, such as providing organs for transplantation, providing treatments for variety diseases and helping infertile parents to have their own lovely babies. Supporters of clone claim that clone can provide organs for transplantation. On 12th August 1998, there were scientists from Japan and New York had cloned a pig and used its organs for transplant in humans. Clone of pigs is useful in which they can alleviate the shortage of human organs available for transplantation. As both humans and pigs are mammals. Human clone is theoretically available as well. If scientists can clone the patient, they he can have an identical liver. The operation will have no repulsion at all. It will be safer and directly benefit the patients. The second advantage of clone is providing treatments for variety diseases. Clone of stem cells will provide treatments for variety diseases. Because stem cells can turn into many other cell types with the right prompting, doctors may be able to replace tissues and organs damaged by disease or injury to restore healthy function. Therapeutic applications of stem cells potentially could treat illnesses. In addition, stem cells could be harnessed and packaged to deliver gene therapies to specific targets in the body to treat genetic problems. Further more, that is an available Solution to infertility. About 15% of Americans are infertile, and doctors are
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