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Arranged Marriages Many cultures believe in arranged marriages. Japan, India, Iraq, and Qatar being a few who still practice. Though people of this practice bring it into the United States, it is rarely seen nor practiced. It seems that the children are forced into a relationship that is not wanted. The United States is based on the idea of being able to make your own judgement and act upon your own thoughts. Many people in the United States are against this practice because they feel it takes away their right of free speech. On the other hand their are those that still believe in arranged marriages. I believe you should have the option to chose the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. I believe the practice of arranged marriages can lead to infidelity and major communication problems because one does not have the same feelings as the other. First, I want to explain why I am against arranged marriages. I believe it takes away from the freedom that America has to offer, we all have the right to choose our own destiny. If children are forced into arranged marriages we are taking everything that we stand for away from them. I have a friend who is Arabic, even though she was raised in America and taught to believe in the freedom of speech and the right to have a voice as a women, she was still forced into a marriage in which she did not agree about. She, to this day does not have true love for this gentleman. She wonders what it would be like to date and meet other men. This is what I mean when infidelity and lust of others comes into play. She knows she has the option to divorce him but will not because if she does, she would be disowned from the family. America is supposed to be about freedom and by arranging marriages it takes freedom out of the picture. Furthermore, I think that depression too can play a huge role in arranged

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