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ENG1420 Unit 1 Assignment 1: Chapter Review and Visual Argument 1. A public debate- People who want to convince their audiences to side with them and accept their points of view. Single- perspective argument- one person develops a perspective on an issue and argues to convince a mass audience to agree with this single view. Courtroom argument- lawyers pleading a case (opposed sets of alleged facts) before a judge and jury. One- on- one, everyday argument- the person arguing needs to focus on and identify with the other person, think about what that person wants and values, and be conciliatory if needed. 2. N 3. Step 1: What came first the chicken or the egg? Step 2: A baby chicken and an egg but no adult chicken. Step 3: How did you get an egg from a baby chicken when there isn’t an adult one. Step 4: A baby chicken and an egg is to help make you wonder what came first. Step 5: You can’t have an egg before the chicken. Step 6: The response should be that the chicken ame before the egg. You have to have a chicken before an egg since you need a chicken to create the egg. 4. The chicken wins! One of the most puzzling and famous life questions has stumped people for generations. It's the question of which came first: the chicken or the egg? In order for there to be an egg, a chicken would have had to lay it. In order for there to be a chicken, it would have had to hatch from an egg. It seems as though either answer could be the correct answer; until now. Dr. Colin Freeman from Sheffield University along with colleagues from Warwick University have figured it all out. Their research project originally aimed to figure out how animals make eggshells because it's an extraordinarily strong yet lightweight material that no human has been

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