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Tyler Fraser Mr. Shamblin College English 17 November 2012 College students should approach learning with an open mind. Often, students walk into a class hating it and wishing they weren’t there. This is not the right way for them to approach learning. Students should come in ready to learn, and explore new things. If they waste all of their time fretting about how hard the class is, they’ll never learn the material. Students also use Google for everything nowadays. This is a problem, because students can’t get the full picture of what they’re studying. If students would actually go out and use offline sources for research, they would better understand what they’re talking about. In 2008, Nicholas Carr mentioned in an article in Atlantic Magazine, that the Net is becoming a universal medium, and while all of the information is out there for everyone, it comes at a price. Students take all of the information they read on the internet for granted, and most don’t even realize that a lot of that information is flawed. Students also don’t read as much as they would with traditional sources. Instead, they skim, or “power browse”, as Carr describes it. In our modern society, the younger generation has access to a lot of information through many different sources. The advancement of technology such as smartphones, laptops, and the Internet, helps support this. While the media provides up-to-date information to us, its potential downfalls shouldn’t be overlooked (Lau and Yuen). Every student has his or her own learning style. They can be auditory, visual, or tactile learners. In order to get the best out of their education, students should look for teachers that can teach something that fits their learning style. If students get stuck with a teacher that doesn’t really fit in their learning style, they could become lost, and not be able to understand the

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