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Kyle James April 12, 2007 Mon, Wed 12:30 English 1A Argument against bringing the draft back Syllogisms • A. Forcing Americans away from their daily lives is unlawful. B. The military draft forces people away from their daily lives. C. The military draft is unlawful • A. It is unjust to require Americans to fight for something that they don’t believe in. B. The military draft requires Americans to fight in the war. C. The draft is unjust. Dear Mr. William Broyles, I read your pro military draft article “A War for Us, Fought by Them,” and it really interested me. I understand that you are a pro draft American and feel that America needs to take some action in this war and put an end it. You feel that reinstating the draft will give America the manpower to take control of the war on terror and finish it with a win. All the American Military needs is a larger number of troops to finish the war with another American victory. But I to have to disagree with your ideas on reinstating the military draft today. Forcing young men into a war that they do not want to go on any more is not right. America is supposed to be a free country, that is the most appealing things about it. You feel that Americans need to stop sitting around talking about how patriotic they are, and actually go out and do something to prove it. There are too many young men out there that are not doing anything productive with their lives and can learn something from the war. Our country has gone too far into this war to back out in defeat against a lesser enemy because of a lack of troops. You believe that there are far too many people living in the free land of America to loose a war because of a lack of soldiers. You may have served your time, but if you were not forced to you would not have ever gone. You would keep hiding trying to stay out of the way. When you first found out

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