Arguing the Opposite View, Acceptability of Tattoo's in Today's Society Essay

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There are many different ways to express ones individuality. These ideas can range in perception from being repugnant to extraordinary. There is one specific trend that seems to be gaining more and more popularity around the world. Tattooing is defined as the practice of marking the skin with patterns and pictures by making punctures and inserting pigments. Changing your hairstyle and putting on makeup enhance the way we look, but getting a tattoo is a non-negotiable and unapologetic way of defining the body. It stands to reason that when a person marks their body, one way or another there will be consequence for it. So why compromise beautiful skin for mutilation? Therefore, the question has been raised, are tattoos acceptable or unacceptable? Tattoos are universally associated with low-status members of society like bikers, gang members, & prisoners. It is a form of rebellion that these classless people are trying to teach the younger generations. They enjoy acting out against social norms to try and prove a point. Now, I can’t ignore the fact that as time has gone on, tattoos have slowly been spreading into different social categories like the rich and famous. But let us not forget that these celebrities are often persuaded into doing things that they aren’t really interested in doing for the sole purpose of boosting their popularity in society. Lets face it; drama sells for these individuals. If Madonna got a new tattoo, it would be headlining news on all the gossip TV shows and magazines. This is not an acceptable way to get people to like you. Celebrity or felon, tattoos all carry the same message to me. It’s an insubordinate act, and it is not something we should be proud of or happy about. A huge reason why tattoos are without a doubt unacceptable is the fact that it could be the difference between you getting a job and/or keeping one. This is crucial

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