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October 21, 2014 English 3 Ms. Freeland One Day Love Will Find Us What does love mean to you? It’s a big word and it has a lot of meanings, even though it only has four letters in it. I believe that there is that one special person out there for everyone. I know this and believe it because I have seen so many people that I know or in movies find their perfect one. Also I am always surrounded by people who love me. They always are so positive and they are because they have people who love them in their lives. Just like my Younglife leader Karli she has such an amazing relationship with her boyfriend Kyle. Let me tell you their story is pretty cute and adorable. To start with, Karli and Kyle met at Younglife camp, and Younglife is pretty much like a youth group so they met through the love of Jesus and they met for a reason. At that camp Karli was on work crew and Kyle was on summer staff, after that they were just friends because they both lived in different states. Then they ended up meeting again at the same camp, which is called Castaway in Minnesota. Kyle was an intern there and Karli went to camp as a leader with younglife kids, and I was one of those kids. That was summer of 2013. After camp they both started talking, but this time it was more than friends. Karli and her friends went to Colorado to visit Kyle, which is where he is from, and sometimes Kyle would come here, and sooner or later Kyle asked Karli to be his girlfriend. This has helped enforce in what I believe in because they both love each other endlessly and they are just so important to each other. Next, at the beginning of their relationship they had to do long distance and that didn’t bother them because when they were together that’s when they would value their time the most. It’s amazing because Jesus is a part of their relationship, and they always put him first and they let him

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