Arguementative Essay

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Internet is the powerful aid for carrying out the research on any of the topic. But its results may not be accurate and may mislead the researcher. So, the researcher needs to take certain measures so as to ensure if the website he is referring is authenticated or not. For instance, such information on laws is available on .gov, .org, .edu sites. Traditional library takes time to provide any updated information but the information that is provided is accurate as it assures the authorship. In order to prepare the debate on the changes in state laws on smoking in public building, the researcher can carry out the online researcher because internet consist of the updated information on every subject which the traditional library can’t be. Moreover, the researcher can refer the library so as to validate the information and background of the problem. This way the researcher can identify if he is moving in the right direction. The internet based research also helps in the better understanding on the subject, as the websites consist of animations, pictorial representation and videos which facilitate the understanding, added to this; it also provides the reaction of the people about the changes to some extent which may be helpful in presenting the ideas in better manner. The researcher has to take the local newspapers and other printed sources into consideration available in the library, in order to prepare the debate on the changes in the local ordinance that prohibits the distribution of paper ads and sales people coming door to door. Although internet can give the broad prospect of the problem, but the in depth effects the society is facing can be understood by referring the local library. The library consists of house professional books, newspapers, magazines and several other local resources which may aid the information extraction and validate the genuinely of the

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