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Arguementation Essay

  • Submitted by: jerricka2007
  • on April 15, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Argumentation Essay

One of the most controversial topics over the years, and still is today, is abortion. It discusses human interaction where ethics, emotions, and law come together. An abortion ban has recently been signed, by a legislator of all men.   As only women can get pregnant, and therefore only women have abortions, a male legislator has no right to vote on an abortion-related law. Indeed, legislators are a special case because they are supposed to represent other people. But in general, a man does not have a right to take a position on abortion, as it affects only women. The decision whether or not to have an abortion should be solely up to the pregnant woman. Not many men that have never met her nor heard her situation. In some cases, women have abortions for medical reasons. In other cases, they have been raped or assaulted in some sort, which caused pregnancy. Abortion is a personal choice between a woman and her doctor. Abortion is never an easy decision, but women have been making that choice for thousands of years, for many good reasons.
Legal abortion not only protects women's lives, it also protects their health. For tens of thousands of women with kidney disease, heart disease, sickle-cell anemia, severe hypertension, and severe diabetes, and other illnesses that can be life-threatening, the availability of legal abortion has helped avert severe medical complications that could have resulted from childbirth. Before legal abortion, such women's choices were limited to dangerous illegal abortion or dangerous childbirth.
There is an argument recently, that a fetus is a ‘person’ that is "indistinguishable from the rest of us" and that it deserves rights equal to women's. On this question there is a tremendous spectrum of religious, philosophical, scientific, and medical opinion. It's been argued for centuries. Each woman must be able to make this decision, based on her own conscience. To impose a law defining a fetus as a "person," granting...

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