Argentina Legacy

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GEOG 130 Legacy on Argentina Dong Hun Kim 9/26/2013 2 Legacy on Argentina What pops up when people think of Argentina? From the eyes of the world, Argentina is very well known for soccer, winning two World Cups and producing legendary players such as Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. Not only Argentina is known for soccer, but they are well known for tango, world's biggest cattle ranches, horses, meats, and etc. Argentina is the largest country in terms of size in Spanish speaking countries and the fourth largest in terms of population. Argentina is located in very bottom of South America surrounded by Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Among the developing countries, Argentina is considered as…show more content…
Without the colonization, it is not the Argentina as we know today. It would be a completely different country. It would have different race, culture, language, economy, religion, and etc. If the natives remained, they would not been Europeanized and they would lack in technology or just general development. The economy would not have grown without the revolution. They also, would not be Roman Catholic if they were not colonized. Argentina is religious country and it is their identity. Lastly, they would not had humongous cattle ranch. Then that would have hurt the economy on exporting also. Colonization in a concept is not a wonderful thing because one is taking over and deleting their culture and it requires a war. However, as of result it was beneficial to Argentina. It is not like Argentineans have been treated as slaves of Europeans like they did to Africa where the economy could not grow, but Argentina was more like new Europe in South America because many Europeans have immigrated and found new home there. Spanish and other Europeans developed and grew the country not stopping and torturing the country's progress. The cities in Argentina is the most European like amongst the Latin American country because of Europeans' architecture In conclusion, Argentina was beneficial to be colonized and many important legacies were left to
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