Ares the God of War

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Brown 1 John Brown Mr. Wyse English 3B 6 December 2010 Ares the God of War As I researched about Ares the Greek God of War, I found many interesting facts about the life of Ares from when he was born to later on in his life. Ares had a rough childhood, his own father, Zeus, “disliked him from the moment he was born” (Sharon1). As he grew up he was not liked by much anybody, “he was not well liked either by humans or by the gods” (Rymer1). My goal in this paper is to state the life of Ares and in general, state all his actions that led to be so disliked by so many humans and gods, and how these actions defined his personality. Ares was disliked by his own father, Zeus, right when he was born. “Zeus had not a part in Ares’s birth. Hera, with the help of a magical herb, managed to ‘get herself pregnant’” (Sharon1). She was just doing this to get even with Zeus for his giving birth by himself to Dionysus. Zeus was “not even particularly concerned when the young boy went missing a few years later and did not expend much effort looking for Ares” (Sharon2). It turns out that the “giant Aloadai twins had caught Ares and locked him in a bronze jar. Ares almost lost his mind in captivity, until Hermes was able to release him from the jar” (Sharon2). This led for Hera to decide that Ares should live somewhere else. He ended up living with Priapus, who trained him in the art of dancing and martial arts. Brown 2 “Though Ares was well-trained and was the god of war, he was not a great fighter and Ares lost many of his battles, especially with his half-sister Athena” (Sharon2). “While Athena favored ‘war at a distance’, strategic planning, playing to the ‘rules of the game’, and preferred peace and justice, Ares loved the thrill of battle, and represented war conducted ‘up close and personal’, hand combat, and the frenzy of battle and bloodlust” (Sharon2) (Rymer1).
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