Areas Of Study In Wuthering Heights Essay

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Areas of Study Thrushcross Grange v. Wuthering Heights Represent two possible ways of living and reflect the characters of the families living within them, the civilised and sophisticated Lintons and the passionate Earnshaws. The action of the novel centres here and on the moorland which lies between. When characters travel away they are 'lost'. How does Lockwood describe Wuthering Heights, at his first and last visits? Look at how it changes at various points during the story. 1) From where do the main sources of conflict at the house originate? 2) What is the effect of the weather on both houses? 3) Catherine spends much time staring out of the windows at the Grange. Look at the view she sees and what is obscured from view. 4) Cathy's childhood is spent entirely in the Grange and its park. It is almost like a walled Paradise. Who is her tempter? Provide five key quotations relating to Thrushcross Grange. Provide five key quotations relating to Wuthering Heights. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Isolation Both houses are physically isolated but many characters experience emotional isolation during the course of the novel, sometimes through choice. Few escape - Hindley and Frances for a time, Cathy and Hareton at the end, Heathcliff and Catherine after death. 1. Who is isolated and what isolates them? 2. Are Catherine and Heathcliff responsible for their own isolation? Provide ten key quotes relating to Isolation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Imprisonment Closely allied to isolation, a number of characters experience some kind of imprisonment. Nelly and Cathy are physically imprisoned at Wuthering Heights prior to the marriage to Linton; Edgar is so protective of his daughter that he keeps

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