Areas of Problem Between Parents and Teenagers Essay

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Areas of problems between parents and teenagers It would be of best interest to first and fore most define who a parent is and a teenager is. According to my understanding, a teenager is a young adult who has just gotten into the bracket of teen by virtue of age. This means that, he or she has just attained the minimum of thirteen and a maximum of nineteen or in between that bracket. A parent is a person who provides maternal care to an offspring or a young person. Every teenager has a problem and just like any parent is obliged to, a punishment is in due course for the problem. The punishment may be there to correct the behavior or to ensure or to deter the problem not to happen again. Every action has a reaction to it. Parents view discipline as a sense of instilling a sense of responsibility however, teenagers decode it badly and end up resulting to disobedience. One of the major areas that create friction between parents and teenagers is media and technology. Digital generation as it is referred to date can be identified with two parents. Despite them having the maternal parents, they have resulted to the media to seek parenting and nurturing. Most teenagers copy paste what they learn from the media not even taking time to really know its impact to them as an individual. Dressing in today’s teens is based on the celebrity fashion line that is associated with scanty, indecent dress code. Emulating such persons brings about conflict with the parents since it is immoral and not societally accepted. Most of the things adapted by teens from the internet or other media platforms are highly not appreciated or accepted by parents and this brings about conflict between the two parties. Alcoholism and drugs is also a key contributor to conflict or friction between parents and teenagers. Statistics show or tend to claim that most people experiment drugs at a tender age

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