Areas of Knowledge Essay

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If distinctions can be made between the natural sciences and human sciences as different areas of knowledge, could one be described as better than the other? Indeed in man’s never ending quest for knowledge, the situation has arrived where there are several ways through which we gain knowledge, each seeming more reliable than the others according to different view points. These sources of knowledge are referred to as Areas of Knowledge, which can be defined in T.O.K. as subject areas into which knowledge is often classified. The Natural Sciences and human sciences are truly two of the most well known and patronized areas of knowledge. More often than not the significance of these two areas of knowledge is so great that we are compelled to think of them as somewhat contradictory. However, determining which of the two is better, is an extremely difficult task as both have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, I believe that it is a matter of perspective, but with regards to which is the more reliable I would choose the natural sciences. In the words of Galileo Galilei “In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual”. This to me is truly relevant to the question as it highlights one of the fundamentals of the Natural Sciences; reasoning. Reasoning can be defined as using logic to come to credible conclusions and through this definition the reliability of the knowledge we gain from the natural sciences is evident. This knowledge is gained not only from reasoning, but also from observation and experimentation which altogether gives the scientific method in the natural sciences. Based on the scientific method, it is evident that before something is accepted as scientific knowledge it must undergo repeated scrutiny by the scientific method. For instance, if somebody sees a (or thinks
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