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An INNER JOURNEY involves the exploration into one’s self. It offers growth & development through emotional pilgrimage and provides new insights for the mind and spirit. Although the arrival of a journey is significant, it is the journey embarked on which matters most.. This is demonstrated Sally Morgan’s autobiographical novel in My Place, Anthony Hills picture book Burnt Stick and Peter Goldsworthy’s novel, Maestro all portray the value of reflection in one’s life and how the journeys need to be relished. Morgan recounts her journey of mind and spirit as she embarks on a psychological journey into the heartland of her identity. Sally Morgan’s inner journey takes the form of a search for her identity and her connections to her past. The realization that she was “different” dawned on her as, ‘they could quite believe we were Indian, they just didn’t want us pretending we were Aussies,’ forcing her inner thoughts about where she fitted in. The responder is drawn into Morgan’s inner reflections through 1st person narration, forming an immediate relationship between her. Her reflection of her past is the road that she takes to search for answers. Morgan grows up unaware of her Aboriginal heritage, never thinking of herself as ‘black before’. the slang we’re boongs, you know aboriginal, ironically fills her with pride as she notes that our family was something to feel proud of. The repetition of questions Where was Nan born mum”, “is there anyone who could tell me about Nan’s life” demonstrates Morgan’s eagerness to learn about her past and identity. Her inner journey is reflective of the need to belong. It is this inner journey that allows the reader to understand the nature of the stolen generation and the “enslavement” of the black man by the white. . The search for one’s identity through an inner journey is strongly prevalent in Anthony Hill’s picture book, The

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