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1. Write a summary in about 150 words. Text: “Are You Ready, Boots?” by Maggie Alderson. In the store of Barneys in New York, the main character Lulu has found a pair of Manolo Blahnik boots on sale. The boots make her feel sexy, independent and beautiful and she is so excited about her find that she purchases them, ignoring that the boots are still too expensive for her. One evening she wears the boots to a bar where she meets the wealthy and handsome Charlie, and a couple of weeks later they are a couple. Charlie is acting exactly how Lulu always wanted a man to act, polite, attentive, correct, but suddenly she’s beginning to notice negative sides of him, that she didn’t before. Charlie proposes to Lulu, and when going out to celebrate the engagement, she decides to wear her boots again. When Charlie sees them he tells her that he always has found them trashy and asks her to wear something else. That’s when Lulu feels that Charlie is not the right man for her and walks out with her boots on. 2. Characterize the main character Lulu is an ordinary British girl who is still figuring out who she is and what kind of life she wants to live. In the beginning when she is trying on the Manolo boots we hear how she associates herself wearing the boots with both Carrie from Sex And the City and “a Bond-girl” and how this makes her feel good. Lulu has got a strong image of what a girl with her life together should look like and these boots fits in perfectly. As she says “They seemed to lengthen and slenderise my legs. They made me look richer. Kinder. More intelligent” and that is exactly what Lulu wants others to think she is: slim, rich and intelligent, just like the girls from the movies. Next to Lulu’s image of “the perfect woman” is of course a similar image of “the perfect man” and when Lulu meets Charlie, she finds him to fit the role perfectly: “A

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