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Are You Ready, Boots? 1. the short story is about to friends, Lulu and Spencer, and they are shopping shoes in New York. Lulu is trying some Manolos, which are very expensive, but they are on sale. lulu thinks that the shoes are just amazing and she buys them. the shoes are making her crazy, she even talks about wearing them on her wedding day. Lulus friend Spencer invites her out to a restaurant with a lot of Spencer other "boy" friends. On the restaurant, Lulu meets Charlie witch are a handsome and good looking guy and Lulu and Charlie starts dating for a while and makes a relationship. Their relationship are going well and Charlie asked Lulu to marry her. Lulu said yes, because she think that Charlie is the perfect man. After the proposal Lulu takes her boots on, the boots she wore the night they met, to see if Charlie remember. Charlie did remember the boots, but he does not like them, he is calling them chav, tarty and thinks they are awful. Lulu doesn’t like what Charlie are saying, so she look down at her boots and say "are you ready boots, Start walking" and then she leave. 2. Lulu is a young lady and she is very happy for her new boots, that she just bought on sale. she is not rich, but like to spend money on shoes/boots. She is dating Charlie and she think that he is a very handsome and good looking man and he is just perfect, she think. 3. Spencer and Charlie are the to men in this short story and the most important men in the story. Spencer is gay and he is one of Lulus best friends. Lulu and Spencer is talking about everything, Spencer is very open to Lulu and tells her when there is something wrong. the other man "Charlie" is a rich man with expensive cars and is the perfect man according to Lulu, But Charlie doesn’t like Lulu for who she is, he is focused on her appearance. 4. I wear the clothes that I feel comfortable in and I do not

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