Are You Proud of Your Country? Essay

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Alexandra Beaty November 1, 2011 Are you Proud of your Country? “The cement of this union is the heart-blood of every American.” ~Thomas Jefferson Throughout the U.S.A, we cheer for all different sports teams such as the Bears, Packers, Yankees, or Red Sox. However, when our flag rises high above the stadium, we all join as one to give respect to our country through our National Anthem. After 9/11, we all came together as one nation, and showed the world what it’s like to root for the “home team”, America. Does being proud of your country mean caring for our troops? Is it attending a tribute for lost soldiers or is it learning about America’s prosperous history and sharing it with others? Being proud of your country is all of these things, and even more diverse. It’s getting goose bumps when hearing the National Anthem or getting chills down your spine when you see a commercial about people protecting our homeland. I believe freedom of choice to live our lives the way we choose, gives America a pride unique from other countries. Being the teen girl I am, I’m able to do anything I desire. I can pursue a career as a doctor, lawyer, or even a physicist. In some other countries, I would not even be allowed to show my face, let alone pursue a career. By protecting and fighting for our homeland, soldiers have given us the right to be free. In America, we have the right to choose and pave our own way for our own lives, all thanks to America’s heroes. In America, we are diverse people believing in different religions, customs, political views, or sports teams, but we are all united as one American people. We may look, think, and speak differently, but deep down American pride surges through each and every one of our bodies. What makes us more unique than other countries is our ability to choose our own paths in life. Our veterans and lost soldiers have

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