Are we living in an Orwellian World

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George Orwell’s book 1984 written in 1949 is not only a great piece of literature, but it also serves as a warning to us. Orwell is warning us about the drastic effects science and technology can have on us if they get into power hungry hands. He wrote the book as a warning but it has become somewhat true in our society. Orwell warns us about the three vital things totalitarian government and our world uses to control people. The three things Big Brother’s government and our own government use are controlling people physically by watching them, controlling their emotions by redefining relationships and controlling them psychology by making them fearful. Firstly, Orwell warns us that a 1984 government and future governments with too much power, including our own, can control people physically. Big Brother rules over Oceania because of the advancement in science and technology. In Big Brother’s world telescreens are used to watch and control all physical actions of an individual. Telescreens control and regulate people’s work time, sleep time and even their exercise time; people unwilling follow this as a fact of life. At one point the narrator says that “The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of very low whisper” (3). Similarly, in our world there are technologies that can perform similar functions and gradually take us towards being an Orwellian world. In our world surveillance cameras are used everywhere: in malls, schools and even offices. These cameras are able to talk to us and watch us, and are very similar to telescreen of 1984 world. Moreover, tracking emails, phone calls, and internet activities are common today as tools for governments to look for potential crimes. With the advancement in technology and strict government laws, our world is moving towards becoming like the 1984 world.
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