Are We Living in a Totaliatarian Society?

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Are we living in a totalitarian society? The contradictory question, are we living in a totalitarian society, causes great disagreement. Some people would say that we are very close to turning into a totalitarian society. Like many others, I differ from that opinion. I believe that we, in Canada, are not even close to becoming a totalitarian society. In fact, it is almost offensive when people say that we live in totalitarianism. If Canada is totalitarian, then what is the power called in Syria or North Korea? We still have the right to voice our opinion, we still have the right to practice participatory democracy, we still have freedom of the press, and we can still travel. Our society is an antithesis of the novel nineteen-eighty four by George Orwell. Our society is much more like the society in the YouTube video ¨Tiananmen Square Massacre” by jliufromtheblock, and that is why I prefer the video. In the YouTube video ¨Tiananmen Square Massacre¨, by jliufromtheblock, you see the Chinese Government putting down a growing manifestation of Chinese students by bringing in Chinese troops. The Chinese troops fired on protesters killing more than two hundred people. Nineteen-eighty four’s society, which portrays true totalitarianism, was a world with complete surveillance where no thought could prevail. Big brother, the enigmatic dictator of Oceania, along with the thought police, monitored every thought and move of every person. The video and the novel both show totalitarianism but I believe the video does a better job showing the reality. I think that nineteen-eighty four has stopped alarming people about what our world is going to be like since the Soviet Union has fallen and the only truly totalitarian countries are states like North Korea. People should not be scared of becoming like nineteen-eighty four because Orwell was writing at a time

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